Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Free Presets for OBXD Synthesizer

Here is 50 presets for the 2DaT pre-alpha release of OBXD Synthesizer VST Plugin, there are alot of brass and bass patches and some leads, mainly trying to emulation other brass presets from other synthesizers, i recently bought a soundbank for waldorf's ppg wave 2v plugin and it had a D-50 brass preset i liked it alot, i want the most out of my growing synthesizer collection of software/hardware effects, samplers, synthesizers and drum modules, racks would do just fine and take less the space then the keyboard versions, i want a roland d-50 and a yamaha dx7 for making pop music with, i have a great preset for my tx81z which sounds alot like pwl basses do, which only uses two operators, i want to learn programming so i can make vst plugins and release them with a great deal of work to emulate hardware versions, synths that i plan to emulate are the yamaha tx81z, yamaha pss-680, casio CZ-101, Roland SH-101, Roland Juno-6/60/106 VST versions which will be modelled, emulated and closely programmed side-by-side with the original machines, i want to do a D-50 emulation but i can't due to copyright reasons and the fact that it uses partials which is like sampled waveforms to construct each patch, two partials equals one patches as per the manual, i have a D-10 and it's the same principle as that, anyways here are free presets for the pre-alpha version of 2DaT's OBXD Synthesizer,

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Anonymous said...

These presets are brilliant! Thanks for sharing these Joel!