Monday, December 16, 2013

Arturia V Collection 3 is 50% off

I just got this months news letter and until the 16th of January V Collection 3 is 50% off and it comes with Oberheim SEM V plus Wurlitzer V, for a limited time offer that i know i can't refuse so i need to update my OS, to win7 and jump on the 64bit train, but arturia has always been my favourite as well as claus larsen of leaether strip's favourite and the jp8v is howard jones favourite synth which he show me some presets he made and it's exactly the brass presets i was looking for, i have arturia analog factory but the midi controller is acting weird because the 2nd octave is note triggering any notes but that's another story, i have minimoog v original which makes it so i will never use mini v, i dislike the chorus and delay as well, tom shear says arturia is crap but SEM V is good but i strongly disagree with that, these synths only my friends could afford will now be mine, it says for the first time v collection 3 is 50% off rebate but only until january.

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