Monday, December 16, 2013

All Soundcloud Players for Joel Bisson and Emerson Felix

I made another soundcloud and soon i will buy the professional soundcloud account so i will upload all electronic noise terror and terrorsekt songs as soon as i get the professional account for a year subscription, i will upload a lot of stuff for synthetic illusion including free preset demos and samples for all to download as well as remix stems and links to my presets and samples as well as here synthetic illusion, i have an idea of what i should be doing in life but need some learning and then i will do this idea that i will make vst instruments and sample libraries of synthesizers and drum machines and get producers to do some work with these vst instruments for a workstation rompler with expansions and presets and the abilities to make your own expansions with a program that will be available for developers and beta testers which i will start next year in 2014 to 2055 or later, as long as i have a pc and mac, i will make vst software with flowstone and synthedit and source coded hard coded dsp vsti emulations of hardware signals and analog filters along with my exclusive TX81Z emulation to ripped syx or midi from my yamaha synths i have since i have two i will make this my first commercial software, the rompler will come later but i will get the rompler in the works since its was going to be samples and sfz's converted to wavetables with single cycle waveform import to create new wave tables and the ability to import wavetables from other sources, i want this Rompler to be excellent so to speak, it will have an arp similar to DUNE and Nexus2 with the trance gate and the ability to make sequences starting from the root going two octaves up and down with DUNE style input for semi-tones of a arp sequence but it is knobs and vanguard trance arp gate, unlike the dune gate which is length of arp. So i have to spend a lot of money to get other people to design presets and samples for my company synthetic illusion and synthematic software ltd. JOEL BISSON PROFILE 1 at JOEL BISSON PROFILE 2 at JOEL BISSON PROFILE 3 at KAPITAL at TERRORSEKT at EMERSON FELIX PROFILE at

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