Monday, February 18, 2013

Hiatus from Terrorsekt

I will continue to use this blog, from time to time you'll see an update, but some posts will undergo a certain rewrite correcting errors and misplaced links, also i will add a new page to this blog so everything up for download will be on one page and the main page is for deals with ebay and online stores, music band updates, musical informatics and such stuff, so enjoy this blog as much as you like, I'm not gone, just on hiatus from the internet until my book and music is underway and ready to go out full force, so i will be stopping most internet activities until further notice, I would also like to thank those who have link this page to their music websites and may you share all and any if not all links, feel free. I will be writing poetry, short stories and a novel along with music for other people and music for myself, under various alias' and projects, until then enjoy the downloads, more links to follow, after 2009 we saw the rise of this blog meant to be like other music blogs which bring you info on new synthesizers, software and DAW software as well as guitar and bass playing, music gear and equipment, canadian deals as well as american deals on online purchases. I will be uploading in the near future, a list of Presets I made for various DAW, Effects VST software that i will now share with you, also I might share more than that stay tuned, as the sole purpose of this blog was to bring you free presets and audio samples both musical and non-musical, I want to thank those who download and read from this blog, it means everything to me and now that i have been at this for 10 years i will now do my best to bring you new stuff and news on the world of music in it's state as it is. I would also like to share that VST2 will no longer be supported by Steinberg and Development will end as of September. This is not a shock to me as I've already been informed a year and a half ago, I will continue to make VST's in Synthedit and C++ and other Means to bring VST2 onwards, using what ever I can to build VST2 Instrument and VST3 Instruments in my spare time as it has been 9 years since I stopped working on Synthedit VST's and 11 years since I stopped programming in C/C++ programming language, so I have to learn four things: 1. 2. 3. 4. It will take time but I will be sure to make these available in the not-too-distant future, but I will have to learn this craft once more and this will be where my time is going towards, literary and music goals and accomplishments but also towards Tech Goals, maybe a job and schooling, so maybe there is hope for me in this new brave world of ours, now i know that I can get people interested in my music, I have certain plans for my music and writing career rather than not doing anything with my life, I will not allow myself to fall under the hammer. I am a kind, gentle-hearted soul and will not go out of this world without a fight, I must look into myself and make a goal list with what i can and cannot do, but love is another story, I have little to say about my life because I spent the 1980's writing for people and never took credit for any other reason then to protect my identity and not make money for my movies and music, I wrote poems back then and I guess I never quit at that, because I wake up and always have ideas for music, stories and poems as well as movies and other bands, but all this time leading to nothing has led me to believe that i must make music and write for myself for now onwards, takes to the advice from friends that is absolutely what i have to do. I want to explain a bit about my music, my personal music started in 2003-2005 and since 2005 when i knew everything to do with ableton, cubase and fruity loops that i needed to know i decided to make music exclusively for me only and it amounted to a few bands that i wrote songs for which were one-man projects as most good EBM is anyways, I had a few names i liked. Electronic Voice Phenomena (2006-2007) Elektro Shock Therapy (2007-2008) Embryotic Defect (2008-2011) Electronic Noise Terror (2008-2020) These names stuck and there is music for these bands but I didn't want to release those songs and didn't know how to either but now with the advent of the internet, I decided to give this a try and make a bunch of profiles and talk to people and make my music promotion known to all people not just EBM heads, I make and originally made heavy metal/death metal and punk, so I have this Program called Guitar Pro which helps me transcribe sheet music, I paid 60 for GP6 but I want to do things with multiple softwares like everyone else does, I have a new program i got for 50 dollars on sale, called Harrison Mixbus 2, which was originally a MAC only software but since it was released onto the windows platform i bought this and it's awesome, truly amazing software for mastering, it comes complete with JACK Audio System, I'm new the the linux thing but Jack Audio System is a Linux Audio Platform for Most Linux Distribution for music production, Ardour is Linux/MAC based, Mixbus is a like Ardour. Tone2 Firebird+ 2.0 Steinberg Monologue Steinberg Embracer Synapse Audio Poly-500 Synapse Audio X-Poly Synapse Audio Junglist Synapse Audio DUNE BE ReFX Vanguard Image-Line Sytrus Synth1 Superwave P8 All Superwave Products ect. ect. More to come soon, Go and use google and file sharing sites for free samples and presets and check out WAVEFORMLESS,until then enjoy and happy hurting.

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