Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Free Sample of MS2000 bass

Here is a bass preset i programmed and sampled from
a Korg MS2000 i owned for 2 years now and i made it
emulate the bass from Front242 and had no luck but i
did create something quite interesting so i sample it and
turned it into a samplepreset for sampletank preset for
easier usage for myself because e3x doesn't work but
i will upload the sample later to waveformless instead
but here is the sampletank preset which one sample
played for 2 minutes with the sustain full blast so that
it can be played on every key because it has a lot of
sampletime to stretch where it can play on other keys
without runnning out of the sampletime when playing
higher keys it is a short time before the sample runs out
and on lower notes is stretches it and the sound is darker.


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