Sunday, October 9, 2011

FL Studio Preset Tutorial No.1

Many People who are new to Fruity Loops or FL Studio as it was renamed, seem to not know of how
great the program can be when making Presets for VSTi or their own FL Plugins or even DXi Plugins,
because FL Studio has a Randomizer and Hybridizer for Creation Presets for any Plugin it can load,
I have been using FL Studio since Fruity Loops 3.5 was current version, I know it;s not everybodys
favourite DAW because all I hear is put downs and bad words for Fruity Loops but even Bands as
big as Leather Strip uses FL Studio, Hocico's Racso uses this and so does other people in the EBM
scene and music worlds, I use this for any kind of Plug-Ins to use but use Cubase for Hardware and
Steinberg Stuff like VST3 Presets for VST 2.5 plug-ins but then again there is always the FXTractor
which is in the Google repository, I have many of good things to say about stuff and never a bad word.

Okay lets start first load a Plugin of your choice, I use sytrus VSTi/FL Plugin but those are two very
different things FL plugins are there own kind of Plugin that has nothing to do with the VST versions
now I loaded the FL Studio Version of Sytrus but this works with all versions of Sytrus and Plugins
This also works for Effects as well as instruments, now load the plugin and choose a preset from
the preset menu in the top left corner where the arrow is pointing down and then a drop down ,menu
will appear and go to the preset menu and then it should look like this:

Now there in the presets menu there is a list of all the presets in the plugins factory bank
There at the end of the list is three functions, the fist is Randomize and the second is
Hybridize and the third is Tree Display if you wanted the Whole Presets section to show
on the screen like a drop down menu as well. Now you can use the Hybridize preset when
you have to Presets that you like that you want to merge their sounds or properties of each
other and they will sound into one preset, like combining colours in paint, this works with
all DXi, VST, VSTi and FL Studio Plugins, it will work with VST3 in FL STudio also.

This is a picture below of the hybridize fuction at the end of the menu of presets:

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