Sunday, September 4, 2011

GForce Software Website Down

The news on GForce Website is that their website hosting service seems to have expired and now their making a
transition to a new hosting server or something like that, I don't understand website hosting, I just wrote websites but never had them online but none the less, ImpOSCar 2 is out now and they are working on a new softsynth of the Mattel Optigan and an ARP Solina Ensemble as was hinted in their blog's picture hints, so you're guess is as good as mine, they probably don't wanna say anything until they have a stable product like ImpOSCar 2, I haven't tried it but was going to buy it but I guess I have to wait for their website to get their new projects and ImpOSCar 2, There are always the alternative to buying or ordering software from the local music stores, there is the website music stores and ebay with unopened packaged software or from the software's website. I think that they are doing the ARP Solina String Ensemble and the Mattel Optigan Music Maker, they are now Oddity, Minimonsta, Virtual String Machine, M-Tron Pro, ImpOSCar 2 but my hope is for modular emulations and more vintage analog emulations plus ditigal emulations of synthesizers and drum machines and drum synths plus a sampler based on the G Sampling used in M-Tron and M-Tron Pro. I only hope this is not the end of Gforce|Gmedia software.

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