Thursday, August 18, 2011

Urs Heckman back with Berlin Modular aka Brazille vst

Urs Heckman releases a new softsynth in alpha stage.
Bazille or the Berlin Modular is a Roland System 100M based synth based on a detuned System 100 that Urs Heckman used when he was in school and this synth is quite amazing, I am still having fun with it.

It`s quite amazing to see this synth in action! it`s in the Alpha stage and I believe it is currently at version 0.4 so that means it`s buggy but to tell you the truth, it`s not all that buggy but it can run out of polyphony like if you press a bunch of keys than let go it`s stops or delays the notes that are to be sounded, last night I made an FM organ preset and a phase distortion bass so expect presets soon because I really love this new toy and most of all it is free for the time being but who knows for how long, I hope mister Urs Heckman releases it for free when it`s out of the alpha and beta stages but who knows.

The main feature of this new vsti is that it has four VCO and CVgate, ect. it has FM synthesis and phase distortion and it has a multi band filter, and you can use any of the four amplifiers and have the ring modulation and it has an on-board sequencer and a lag fuction, it comes in both MAC VST and Windows 32-bit and 64-bit VST`s over at KVR in the forums, so download it and post what you think in the comments or at the KVR forum thread. When it comes to talking about synthesis...I`m clueless so mind the lack of knowledge......I have been making presets for 6 years and know nothing about actual synthesis.

There is planned projects for Bazille VST as said by Urs himself, the excerpt of his thread is below:
Here is what Urs said on KVR for new software:
current planing the three main synths in Berlin Modular will be 

- Bazille (modular FM/PD synth) 
- ACE XL (see ACE, but twice as many things) 
- L.u.s.h. (lush u-he synth, supersaws, pads + formant filters) 

Here are some YOUTUBE videos of this beast in action:

Here is the KVR Forum Link:

Windows download with both 32 and 64 bit versions:

Mac OSX download with AU version:

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