Sunday, August 14, 2011

FXTractor Version 0.0.3 on Google Code

There is a program to rid of those pesky VST3 Presets in Cubase, and's called FXTractor and it's free to download at google's code repository at this website at the bottom, note that you just drag and drop the folder with the VST3 Presets and it converts them to FXP and FXB presets and preset banks. so threat none, my friends there will be plenty of presets to go around after using cubase I got really annoyed at the fact that when I save a preset in cubase it turned them into xml files/vst3 presets and I couldn't have that if I wanted to use FL Studio for the final mixx. so here you have it a program to rid of those evil, Eevil cubase presets and change them into a format we all can relate to which is VST2 FXP presets not VST3 which only works in Nuendo and Cubase, because they want to remain proprietary, of well that is the price you pay for a DAW such as Cubase or ProTools. I don't have Protools no more, most of my cds are stretched to hell anyways, so we'll see if these will work for arturia presets or Zebra2 or zebrellette.


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