Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MINIHOST by Toby Bear Productions

There is a great little program which I came across while looking for a program to rename FXP synth presets and this piece of software turned up where you can load a VSTi Synth or VST Effect and tweak the konbs and sliders and save presets in FXP format which is better than Cubase and VST3 Presets, I like this program because it allows me to make presets and rename them from init and to something appropriate and then save them as cubase presets in FXP format not VST.Preset format which is VST3 format, I cannot for the life of me understand why they made an extra format that only works in Cubase and maybe Nuendo, I haven't used neundo since 2008 and have little patience for cubase 4, I want to buy FL Studio 10 but I'm not until I buy a new Synthesizer and some VSTi presets which now I have bought Adventus and Mono/Poly so new presets are on their way. I don't think that preset making could be easier unless I get more VSTi's and buy second hand vsti's from services like sharebit or whatever it;s called SHAREIT? I think that software should not be a thousand dollars for a program or a bundle of programs like the Adobe Creative Suite 5 is 998.99 Canadian Dollars at our local Staples Depot, but I am buying an older synthesizer and maybe some other music gear before giving out more samples but I do have some presets and samples to share and should be up here soon. I don't have a link to this program mentioned in this post it is called Toby Bear Productions MiniHOST and it is free but to get rid of the nag screen which comes up on start up and makes you wait 20 seconds you have to make a donation thru paypal. I like this program and recommend it.

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Nativeraving said...

you can download it here by clicking on "Direct Download Link"