Thursday, June 9, 2011

music today

EBM and Techno are not the same genre but early Techno and early EBM has certain similar synth presets and the things is they are not the same, seeing how Trance existed in the early 1980's and Techno in the later 1980's but EBM/Electro has it's foundation in early bands from the late 1970's which Electropunk (Also called Synthpunk) has the foundation of all 1980's EBM bands like Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb, ect. ect...the main bands that existed were D.A.F. and Liaisons Dangereuses, ect. which was exactly EBM but for some reason Genres are named by the fans, press and other people and the bands that are EBM like the two Electropunk bands Liaisons Dangereuses and DAF say that there Electropunk and the Term Electronic Body Music was a term later used to describe Front 242's music and was adapted to other bands later, in the late 1980's was the start of Electro-Industrial Term which was used to Describe Skinny Puppy and bands a like when every band mentioned in this post are all EBM because the term Electropunk is synchronize to the simple term Electro which is also synchronize to Electronic Body Music (EBM), and Electro-Industrial is just Electro with a clause Industrial which is the Umbrella term for all sub-genres and the main genre of Industrial which Noise Music/Concrete Musique type of music that is based off of Atmosphere and Ambiance and Walls of Sound, because some body decided to make up all these stupid names to characterize a band's music is why we only call a certain band this genre or that. Here we'll post related stuff like gear and software used to make Electro/EBM. Synthesizers today are not what they were 30 years ago when they were a novelty.

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