Friday, June 3, 2011

IPAD uses for music & Lyrics

I thought of a number of ways to use an apple IPAD to use to make music,
This may have to have another computer but a desktop PC or MAC to run
Cubase, Adobe Audition, Record by Propellerhead or Logic on Mac only.
Now when you make music and sing you want to record everything on a PC
and then make the lyrics and then sing but to sing, unless you have a
photographic memory or have the lyrics memorized you can use the lyrics
written down on a piece of paper but instead of having 10 or 5 pages of
lyrics written on paper, why not use a TXT or PDF format on an ipad so
you can use them with a bright lit LCD Screen and change the song without
turning pages and pages of lyrics, also other ways to use an ipad for music
download a recorder program for the IPAD and go out and record the sounds
of around your city and people talking and at any effect use your iphone also
if you don't have either then use a field recorder like the ZOMM H2 Recorder.
I have a hard time believing that things would get better in terms of music,
because synthesizers like the 1980's are not even close to what they have today
yes they do have some Virtual Analog Synths and VSTi softsynths and what not
but in terms of what they had before it may be a step up but things lost in
the past are seeming to be left in the past, it's nice to see a FAIRLIGHT CMI
revival but they're so damn expensive starting at $10,000 Dollars and that is
way too expensive for what is there when you can have the IPAD app for a Fraction
of the cost of the FAIRLIGHT CMI, there are videos for the Fairlight in previous
posts, overall people or stores don't seem to deal with every company that is out
there and some companies are only selling their products online, music in terms of music, well other than digital downloads, nothing new here.

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