Friday, May 6, 2011

Wavosuar MP3/Wav File Editor

I find that there are more free sound file editors and I found this portable free sound editor called WAVOSUAR which is portable which means you can put a USB thumb drive into a computer and unzip all the files and use the programs on your USB Drive anywhere you go so it's very good for that exactly, I'm trying it out for now, I'll add a review later, I like recording sounds and making presets, making songs is boring sometimes even when it's a cool song, because time and pitch changes and what not. I find that using free program is quite useful when doing things. I'm trying install my Syncrosoft key for Cubase but all is failing and I need help, Arturia Products also use this method of authorization and I hate it. I hope I can buy more software and more hardware for music and other stuff. Font Creation programs are good for making band logos and could be boring after a while too. I find when I'm stuck like this I tend to give up, but this time I won't, on top of that my Korg MS-2000 won't let me over-write the factory patch bank. I want to release syx/midi presets for my hardware synths but can't figure out the midi aspect of things. if someone could help with this, please leave a comment to links for Midi and the Korg MS-2000, thanks.

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