Monday, May 9, 2011

IK Multimedia AmliTube 3 Free Edition

IK Multimedia has released Amplitube 3 for Free like they did a few months back with their SampleTank 2 XL, you have to register to download it or login with your existing account, for those of you who don't know SampleTank is a VST Sampler for using your WAV file samples to use with their 88-Note Keyboard, Effects can be loaded and saved onto a sample and it saves the sample as a new sample if you modify the sample with effects, for Amplitube 3 it's a Guitar Effects Suite but as most of you older musicians know that Guitar Stomp Box Effects work nicely with Hardware Synthesizer and Samplers and also Drum Machines, now days you can get a computer and a few VST Synths and make great music and in todays enviroment you can almost use VST Effects with VSTi Softsynths seemlessly and in todays music production it's not really about what notes you play or what preset you use but what is left in the final mix and master session, things can get muffled and lost in remaster and master as a guy Rob had said and another guy Tommie has said to me that when you master a song it never sounds the same as it did when you original recorded and because I'm a Guitarist/Bassist and Singer before Keyboardist and Music Composer/Programmer, I tend to only like what I create in real-time with my amplifier and effects boxes rather then what is left in the final mix.

Back to Amplitube 3 Free Edition:
Download a free, full version of AmpliTube 3 with all features and a collection of 24 free gear models:

* 9 stomp boxes
* 4 amplifiers
* 5 cabinets
* 3 microphones
* 2 rack effects
* digital tuner

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