Friday, May 27, 2011

Electronic Music History Post

I found this link is a tweet I was following and it's a colossal of electronic esctasy, it's a display of the history of Electronic and Electro-Acoustic Music from early 1990's to 1950's and it's really great to check out some of the music that is there from the early days of recordings period, you can't find these on there own because of certain reasons I don't need to get into right now, but there are streaming audio of works by early electronic pioneers Shaeffer, Stockhausen and more.

I always found the audio signal of pure analog circuits is just amazing and early days of recording involved Electronic Devices and instruments which now are hard to come by but back then experimentation was how recorded music was other then normal music like classical, big band, ect. all the stuff you'd see from the 1940's to 1950's but you have to love music in itself by loving noise and sound in it's entirety rather than love a band's song of riff, to love music is to love the surrounding in which it was conceived, if music wasn't based on it's surrounding, improvisation and experiments we would have boring symmetrical and lame based there would be no room for new stuff, thank god things are based more off feelings (speaking strictly sound wise) than based on what ever sells and that most people make what's in the heart and not based on some systematical style of song writing which is really what sells these days is what sounds similar to the newest thing and again that is based on characterization and words to bloat certain bands music and in turn making genres based on just characteristics and words and what the music is, nothing will set people apart if they all have a label, people seems to forget that music wasn't music as is today back in the 1600's and 1700's when Baroque and Classical were made and performed and the same could be said about any of the music from before 1948, people seem to like what is new or what is hot rather than what they found on their own, I always find the music I listen to and it's the same music that I've been listening to since 1984 but all that is left to the Cassette Culture umbrella which is a term slapped on any of the recording artist in the Underground scene who recorded music onto Cassette and released albums and demos in this medium, I hated Radio Music and always will, I do how ever like certain bands that played on the radio in the 1980's and early 1990's but I don't enjoy people telling me what to listen to, I find that suggestions are nice but people like friends assimilating you to listen to their music.....we've all do it at some point not knowing it, I find that music is heading for a recession in itself with the record industry going down the drain......everything I listen to or want is on Vinyl and Cassette only and I don't really see the industry getting better but I know I'm buying the CD's I want and remastered from Cassettes so I'm doing my part but the music is not new and that is what is killing the industry is because people download their favourite bands newest albums and that right there says a lot, people don't want CD's they want music on their IPOD's, I'm ranting because all music stores in the Niagara Region have shutdown except of course HVM in St. Catherines, but all the record stores are closing because people don't buy their CD's they download them illegally or buy them from ITUNE STORE or Bandcamp, ect. I have not the slightest faint of idea as to why all CD stores closed and it's because the music industry is falling to pieces and it's it's listeners to blame.
I think that if you don't look back onto what made today people will be making a lot of mistake in the future years to come, I think people are out to only make money not music, I hate the radio music because it only plays what is HIP and NEW.
I hope the link helps for those of you who like looking up the history of Electronic Music in general, I'm a big fan of sound itself and want to be recording sounds I hear for music, not every sound you hear in songs are created with conventional insturments like a guitar, drums and bass, ect. some sounds are actually normal everyday sounds via SAMPLING and SAMPLER SYNTHS or Tape Loops.
Now days things can all be done from a computer and cassette are obsolete but to tell truths you get more of a warmth from a synthesizer on Cassette then a PC.

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