Wednesday, May 18, 2011

E-MU Emulator 3X Review by Synthetic Illusion

Here I'll write my first review for E-MU Systems Emulator 3X for Windows Vista and Windows XP, first off I'd like to say that this Emulation of their Emulator Keyboard is an excellent sampler VSTi, with 64-Note Polyphony and Dozens of Filters to choose from there's no wonder there is hype about it's modern take on sampling synthesis, You have 4 CD's of Soundsets and one Loopmasters CD of samples made for the Emulator 3X, in addition to the 5 Soundware CD's you have the actual CD itself, the Serial Code activation is simple if you have an internet connection, you just fill-out a questionaire about when you bought it and what the specs for your PC are and your name and email and the serial key and you're set, you'll get an email from E-MU when successful, you can export any audio sample you use or that is in any of the soundsets provided with the retail boxed version or any downloaded soundbanks, each sound can be tweet via the preset and voice processing pages in the actual presets drop-down menu, you can then tweet parameters such as ADR envelopes (for some reason there are no ADSR envelopes which is the only downfall of this synth), Effects Section with FXA/FXB so you can layer two effects together, you have 2-Pole, 4-Pole and 6-Pole LP and HP filter settings and they can also be tweeted extensively. You have a Voices and Zones Page for each preset, which means you can route you're keys to certain samples which are views as voices in this synth, Here is a TIP: double each sample with two voices using the same sample so that it's loud and brighter than just one voice, you can combine presets and voices and oprganize them into groups so you can have one half of the keyboard triggering one group and the other half triggering another group. Overall it's sells itself short without ADSR filter or without any of the previous EMULATOR keyboards soundbanks, it has a soundset for E-MU's XtremeLead Soundmodule but it's something that somebody would have to work on changing all soundwares for all three original Emulator keyboards and making them into EOS/EXB format which is the VSTi's native format, I would like to see more soundware for this Softsynth because it's fairly flexible and it has audio feature like TwistaLoop and Audio Extract where you can remove or extract vocals on certain tracks with panning knobs and frequencies being cut out or brought into the song you can manipulate the song and render it plus you can never go wrong with it's auto-tune feature which allows you to route samples to keys while you import them by scanning the samples names for C1, C4, G2, ect. and puting the samples in order of note name starting from C0-C8. You can't go wrong when it's capabilities are unlike every other synth/sampler out there, you have full control over the samples overall sound, but if it's the original EMULATOR made into software then you'll be disappointed to know there are no Emulator II or III sounds shipped with this in boxed version. Overall I give this synth a 4 out of 5 for not have ADSR Envelopes and only allowing two effects simultaneously.

Note: there is no ADSR Filters and Amplifier Envelopes but you can use the Envelopes like an ADSR Envelope because it's actually AADDRR 1, AADDRR 2.
So to get just a decay sound without the sustain use these settings on
the Envelopes in the Voice Processing Page of a Preset:

Mode: Normal

Top Row of AADDRR Envelopes
A1a: 0.000%
A2a: 0.000%
D1a: 0.000%
D2a: 2.775%
R1a: 0.397%
R2a: 0.000%

Bottom Row of AADDRR Envelopes
A1b: 100.0%
A2b: 100.0%
D1b: 100.0%
D2b: 0.000%
R1b: 0.000%
R2b: 0.000%

and this should give you a bit of release and decay without sustain so that when you make a preset by importing samples and then creating a patch, you could have it so that the sound fades of a releases after you hit and let go of a key.

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