Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sonic Projects OP-X Pro II and small ranty post

Here is a site for an Oberheim OB-X emulation for VSTi Softsynth Plug-ins, there are two versions of this synth the OP-X Pro and the OP-X Pro II, and a string synthesizer there as well as Preset banks for sound banks of other Oberheim Synths like the Matrix-6 and the OB-Xa and there are all sorts of sounds for synthesizers like Jupiter-8 Strings and Pads to Filter Sweeps and other cool presets there to download. I bought this a while back but haven't got into it too much because my CPU can't take it, on top of that I have no room on my hard drive for anything, so I'll be looking into buying a new computer soon and buy more VSTi's and VST Plug-ins. I want to buy a program called Powercore|Virus by TC Electronic, it requires hardware but it's suppose to be really good, so who know, I'd much rather buy both Novation Softsynths and the new Cubase and Fruity Loops before anything else. I have use the Sonic Projects OP-X Pro and I must say that the factory patches are really interesting to hear, the first sound is a Bell sound and it sounds awesome and I will get around to using it as soon as I reformat my computer and learn what everything does on the synth, right now I'm clueless with the synth itself but amazed at what sounds it produces, I want to make only Matrix-6 sounds used in my favourite bands, the Klinik, Leaether Strip, Wumpscut, ect. I know I can create cool sounds and people downloading my patches over 100 times for a single sound bank I made in 2005 for the Arturia CS-80V...well then I must be doing something right if it's being downloaded so many times. I have the intention of getting analog and digital synths and keyboards from the late 1970's to the mid 1990's and sample the crap out of them until I have perfect samples to compile Sample CD's and release some free sample packs, I hope I can make something of myself in time before I meet my destiny and I will be trying harder to make more writings, music and movies, so that when I'm 50 I'm well accomplished and have a good head on my shoulders and can make a living off what I do, which is another subject, I make samples for music and presets more than making music itself, I spend more time watching TV and listening to music that I don't have time for anything, I am not saying this to feel better, but just to say, there things that might happen and they won't be in my favour and I might fail.....forever.

Anyways check out that synth at "Sonic Projects dot CH" for a really cool and the only OBERHEIM VST Emulation for PC and MAC.


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