Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tools of The Trade

Here is a list of tools to make music in the industrial vain and all it's sub-genre's
Here is the list which shows making music could be as easy as learning machines.

Musical Instruments and Tools
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
PC Computers or Macintosh Computers
Windows, Linux, Macintosh
Cassette Player/Recorders
Dual Cassette Decks
4-Track Cassette Recorders
Dictaphone Cassette Recorders
Digital Dictaphone Recorders
Field Recorders
Music Samplers (Keyboard, Rack and Desktop Samplers)
Desktop, Rack and Keyboard Synthesizer
Home Keyboards (Small Keyboards for Hobby Market)
Desktop, Modules & Rack Drum Machines (Drumboxes)
Real Drum Kits (Drum Sets)
Drum Triggers Midi Interface
Drum Triggers
Rhythm Machines (Grooveboxes)
CV/Gate to Midi Connector
Midi to USB Connector
1 1/4" & 3/4" Audio Cables
Patch Cords (Patch Cords go from one stompbox FX to another)
Stompbox FX's
Mixers (Mixing Boards)
Y Cables (for Audio Channels to be Split or Joined)
MultiFX Modules
Electric Guitar
Modular Synthesizers and Drum Modules
Electric Bass Guitar
Violin with Pick-Ups
Vocal FX Processors
Digital Audio Workstation Computer Programs
VST & VSTi Softsynths and Soft-drumsynths
AU & Mac VST Softsynths and Soft-drumsynths
Jack Audio System/DSSI Softsynths and Soft-drumsynths
Hardware Sequencers (Software is included in DAW's Sequencer)
Percussion Instruments
Percussion Mallets and Drum Sticks

Non-Instruments and Tools to Create Sound Sources
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Guitar Pick-Up Thru Distortion to capture sounds (just a DiMazio Super Distortion Pick-Up wired thru a box that holds the pick-up in places with a 9V Battery and a 1" 1/4' Jack Output, it's uses: to record sounds your ears cannot hear like the sounds a TV Remote makes)
Dictaphone (Cassette and Digital Dictaphones: it's use is to keep personal memos in audio)
All sorts of Hand Tools (Hammers, Handsaws, Wood/Metal Files, Ice-Picks, Centre Punches, Wrenches, Pliers)
All sorts of Power Tools (Power Saws, Drills, Workshop Machines, ect.)
Cans of all Sorts (Pop Cans, Coffee Tins, ect)
Glass Jars of all Sorts (Pickle Jars, ect.)
Sheet Metal of all Gauge sizes (thin sheet metal being wobbled sounds like thunder-like sounds)
Violin Bows (Used on everything but a violin, EX: Violin bow on Sheet Metal)
Glass and Plastic Bottles (Beer Bottles, Pop Bottles, ect.)
Feedback from electronics
Guitar Distortion Feedback
Insect sounds (Crickets and Bees)
All Sorts of Animal Sounds (Dogs, Cats, Farm and Jungle Animals, ect.
Factories Machine sounds
Jack-Hammers and Power Chippers
Power Drills of all sorts
Power Saws of all sorts

Really anything goes!!!

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