Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today we'll talk about Tape Manipulations and Recorded music in the 1980's to present date. Back in the late 1890's they had made tapes from reel to reel machines and the first standard cassette you see today was made in 1965 and to date you have different recording lengths of celluloid tape to record on which comes in different minuets eample C60 means 60 Minuets of tape, C90 means 90 Minuets of Tape, you actually get 30 seconds extra for each tape as it takes about 5 to 10 seconds for the tape before you actual record anything, Tapes comes in the following lengths C5, C15 C35, C45, C60, C90, which are not available here in Ontario anymore, the C5-C10-C15 tape lengths are for Answering machines but you can use those tapes for Tape Loops by recording somethings for 5 minuets and then looping it in a tape machine similar to an answering machine where it dubs from one tape to the next like a tape deck, for tape manipulations are usually done with reel to reel machines but back in 1996 I dis-assembled a cassette tape to see how I can get it to have a shorter length and it's tricky but possible because there are at least 15 pieces to a single cassette tape and putting it back together means there will be glue involved and then you can use it again but I know from experience it can be done with careful planning and consideration. Tape Loops that you hear about are 90% of the time Magnetophone/Reel To Reel Spool Manipulations by cutting the tape to a certain length and assembling the reels back to together and by manipulating speed of the playback, you can get crazy results and you can use a normal cassette player to record your sounds off the computer onto cassette and this will bring your recording warmth and depth because of the technical stuff I'm not gonna explain right now but the audio bit depth/rate is different to that of a computer, I for one am all about cassette recording and will continue to release tapes as soon as I get the right music I want released forever, for the noise-industrial scene music I grew up on was and can be made today with cassette and reel to reel manipulations or audio file manipulations, natural sounds, concrete and industrial sounds/noises along with the use of keyboards/synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers, DAW's, VST/AU/DSSI Plugins, computer programs, effects, samplers & Sampling, reel to reel machines, cassette players, 4-track recorders, guitars, bass guitars, stompbox effects, amplifiers, ect. it depends on

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