Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Here is a list I compiled from my friend Johan Van Roy of his Gear in Suicide Commando First of all most people when they think of Suicide Commando they think of songs like Cause Of Death or Love Breeds Suicide, Bind Torture and Kill or Severed Head but before all that Suicide Commando started on the label ZNS Tapes debuting his first Demo Tape in 1988 also making a contribution to a Compilation for Climax Productions called Electronic LP, Suicide Commando started in 1986 with Experimentation with Electronic Music that Johan Van Roy was doing at the time, with a Boss DR-110 and a Roland SH-101, both being made in 1983 and then in 1988 the two drum machines that were used were Boss DR-220A and Boss DR-220E, both make appearances in the following years 1989-1993, also according to Johan he used a Small Yamaha Keyboard/Sampler and that would be the Yamaha VSS-200 which was the only sampler/keyboard made in 1988 for the smaller product line and in 1989 which was the release of his second demo tape "This Is Hate" also on ZNS Tapes, you see more of an appearance of the VSS-200 and the DR-220 plus this was the year the Roland D-5 was made and was used by Johan in this Early Period, until 1990 when the Roland SPD-11 was made and used by Suicide Commando to Present date, the next releases in 1990 were Crap, Into The Grave, Go To Hell,

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