Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Look at the Fairlight CMI-30A

Here is some videos concerning the new Fairlight CMI-30A The 30 is for 30 year and the A is for Anniversary, which is cool that Fairlight's are being made again but 20, 000 dollars is a bit too much for this instrument but I'll be saving up for this machine someday, LOL. I never heard a fairlight in person but only in You Tube videos and actual Song with the Fairlight. They also have an iPAD Fairlight App for the iPAD to create sounds and use your iPAD like a Fairlight if you have an AKAI Synthstation 49 you can surely create something nice.

Herbie Hancock playing his Fairlight CMI

Keith Emerson playing his Fairlight CMI

NAMM 2011 Fairlight CMI-30A

NAMM 2011 Fairlight CMI-30A

NAMM 2011 Fairlight CMI ipad app

NAMM 2011 Fairlight CMI-30A

Fairlight CMI 1980 video

Fairlight CMI 1984 video

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