Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Mark Mosher Sub-Blog at Modulate This

I seen this earlier in December but didn't post anything on it because I had no clue
about Modulate This but then I seen this posted at Waveformless today and then
I thought to myself I should post this too and say that you can get Presets for the new
Tone2 softsynth called Electrax which was just released last month along with a new
Superwave Softsynth called Superwave Ultimate VST plugin, well today you can now
check those out and then you can have a look for you're self plus there is the DUNE
which was released at the end of November by Synapse Audio for MAC and Windows,
Something I'd like to see is there being more Ports to Linux and more VST ports to MAC
as there is only a limited number of DSSI plugins or Audio Units plugins and I want to
switch to Macintosh for the pursuit of using Apple Logic 9 and MetaSynth, ect. plus some
Adobe and Apple programs like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Photoshop CS5 which is new,

I have a limited amount of space on my Hard Drive and will post more samples as soon
as I Get a new computer and get more HDD space for my Windows computer and then
reformat the hard drive in order to have 90% music stuff only and then have this PC
for Windows and get my Linux Computer working again for online only purposes and
then use the new computer and my MAC for Music and making presets and samples.

But without further due, Mark Mosher is having a new section of his Modulate This blog
called Patch Lab and it already has some presets there for Tone2 - ELECTRAX,
Native Instruments - ABSYNTH and the Waldorf - Blofeld Synthesizer.


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