Friday, January 14, 2011

How to Sync Tempo With A Song

I thought to myself a minuet because I wanted to make a song and it was in the same tempo as another song and I thought whats the best way to do this in fruity loops, well first put 4/4 timing and start the tempo at 120 BPM because in fruity loops it comes defaultly at 140 BPM, so that being said at 120 BPM it is easier to go up or down with the Tempo, so now put four buttons pressed, and have one and then three blank and one and three blank, ect. ect. this is so that you have four on the floor drumming, get it four on the floor, seeing how the Bass Drum also called a Kick Drum is on the floor on a real drum kit, anyhow, have four buttons check off and then play the song you want to have the same tempo as and slighty changed the tempo of FL Studio to suit the song, and when you get a match then that's probably the tempo it's in, it's a fool proof way, but sometimes dance music or Rap or Electro, ect don't have floor on the floor drumming and have complex syncopation in the style of the drumming and this being also apparent in other styles such as Rock and Heavy Metal, ect, ect. I think the best way to find out a tempo on syncopated beats is to mimic the kick drum first and then the snare and lastly but not always the hihats and cymbals, sometimes bands use a lot of Toms in their mix, so just copy that and then after the whole beat is their just sync it to the tempo of the song and then you start a new file and have that exact tempo, unless what your after is just ripping off the drum riff, then go ahead and just use what you have, but that's an interesting topic right there because so many songs have used the same drum beat in countless genres with the same drum beat or simple bass line and even the syncopation of one songs bass or guitar or synthbass is used in another song as well either with the other band being a different genre or usually in the same genre.

Anyways thats that, I read on Waveformless that Akai, Arturia, Dave Smith/Roger Linn have new products and are worth mentioning but Tom already did a good job of letting readers know so I'll have the link to WAVEFORMLESS which is Tom Shear's blog who is the founder of the band Assemblage 23 and Nerve Filter. I have more patches to make but the next release will be soon and it will be posted to stay for a long time, I have presets I have made for the following softsynths: Sytrus, P8, Vanguard, UnoFM, CS-80V, Prophet-V, Ect, Ect.

I'll post a bank in longer intervals then just each week or each month, sometimes in the new year I'll post something one week and then the next another and then a half month later a new post with downloads will go up, I have to make sure that what I'm working on is worth while.

Enjoy syncing up tempos for your songs.

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