Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Front 242 - Take One (1984) Video on Youtube

I remember starting the last decade listening to this band and this is one of my favourite tracks from the early days of Front 242, in this video there is a Yamaha CS-40M as the main synthesizer for basslines and leads, the drums are controlled by drum pads connecting to a drum machine module or such and the vocalist sings on the microphone. I imagine you can get this sound on the CS-80V by Arturia and a real CS-80 because the CS-80 was the top model and is the most high-end and expensive but I still say the CS-line of Synths that came after 1978 were better for certain things and the thing I like about the CS-Line of Synthesizers is the ability to use the synth for deep sounding basslines like in this song or for it's ability to sound poppy like the CS-5, CS-10, CS-15 that Depeche Mode Used or the Angelic Sounds that comes from the CS-80 that Jean Michel Jarre and Klaus Schulze have used in their Careers and the thing is you can do anything with any synth as long as you know what your doing, so you can take any synth or home keyboard and make something worth while, to tell truths, a lot of bands have used Home Keyboards and Synths with limited Presets or programming capablity, including Suicide Commando, Stin Scatzor, Lescure 13, Jean Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze, many of people have used Yamaha Home Keyboards and Casio Home Keyboards and gear to do a job that a normal synth wouldn't suffice because when you're looking for a specific preset or sound and that sound is on some dinky kids toy keyboard like the Casio Home Keyboard (Not to be confused with Casio synthesizers) and Yamaha Small Home Keyboards, I love the lo-fi sound of some of the older keyboards and it just goes to show you that with something as limited as a Yamaha PSS-680 you can make EBM/Electro that is Awesome like Stin Scatzor/Lescure 13 did, Front 242 didn't use any small keyboards as far as I know there is just Synths and Drums but They did have an E-MU Systems Emulator and a Yamaha DX-7 and a Clavia Nord Lead!!!!

Yamaha CS-40M:

Front 242 - Take One (1984):

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