Saturday, January 8, 2011

Arobas Music Guitar Pro 6

This program is neat and I've been using it since 2002 and it's all I use
to save Tabulature and Stave Score with the ability to use the on-board
Yamaha Midi Synth as it's sound or the RSE (Realistic Sound Engine),
which makes the instruments sound so much better than MIDI sounds.

I must say I haven't use Guitar Pro for some time after I bought GP6
but Guitar Pro 6 is where it's all happening and now you can have some
new features and save professional quality score sheet that are printable,
you can also save score sheets as PDF and TXT Files and the native GP
format which is good if you want to recall you're song, it imports PowerTabs
and it exports Wave Files but you have to record the audio input/output of
the speakers and program in order to save the wave files which is something
I think they should work on and have the program export MP3 data also.

This program is awesome to me, because you could make songs in midi format
like you would in Cubase by inserting staff notes and you could do that easier
in Guitar Pro because you have two mode of input, either staff mode or tab mode
which tabulature is the use of numbers instead of notes and it could be easy for
some people like me who use to play guitar with just staff note but forgot staff notes
and now plays with Guitar Tabs, or someone who is new to music and doesn't know
staff notes but knows how to play guitar, piano or drums, well this program has an
on-screen guitar fret board and a full-range keyboard to show what note is being
played and it is also a way to input notes.

This is what I do, I make music score in Guitar Pro and then
I export the midi file and import it to either Cubase or FL Studio
where I then slap a Sampler or Softsynth on it or even use a track
of midi data to send to a Hardware Synth and have the Synthesizer's
output or headphone output going into the computer's microphone's
input jack in the back of the computer, or through a mixer to the back
of the computer microphone input.

I also use this program to do the opposite and make a song in Cubase or
FL Studio and then export the midi data and import the midi file into
Guitar Pro 6 to see what the actual note and guitar tabs are.

There are Guitar Tabs, Bass Tabs and Drum Tabs and Staff Notes for all
of the Guitar Pro's Tabulature/Staff and it is good to have it on multitrack
mode where you can see every track and what they're doing at once, you
can have it on both staff and tabs or just staffs or just tabulature.

The Drums in Guitar Pro 6 are based off of Staff Notes as previous versions
had only staff/tab mode but now there based off of drum tabs which are in
staff form in drumming books that you'd buy at the music store.

Over all I think they should make a better way to export wav file and have
MP3 format exporting and power tab exporting as well, but over all this is
the best Tabulature program for Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Violins, Strings,
Harpsichord, ect. because it has the RSE engine.

Have fun and make music.

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