Wednesday, January 19, 2011

8-Bit Style Nintendo Sounds from Magical 8Bit Plug

The Bosses Get Down by deetak

8-BIT Nintendo Style Chiptune by EternalSunsetPL

Secret of Mana - Danger (8-Bit Style) by auriplane

Here is some videos of songs made with the YMCK Magical 8Bit Plug VST Softsynth, even though it has a limited amount of controls it's sounds good when you master the programming side of this plug-in, you can get it at the link for YMCK in the previous post but it's in Japanese which is cool because if anybody knows how to make synths it's the Japanese people, who are among my favourite cultures in history, I'm a big Martial Arts Enthusiast and have been in Karate before but that is only the tip of the ice berg and this isn't the topic of this post, the Plug-In has Three Sqaure Waves and a Noise Generator and a Triangle Waveform and a Sweep Filter and a ADSR Envelope. You can make great sounds with 8-Bit Synths which when done right can be a force to be reckon with and if you're like me and saw the first release of Nintendo then you'd see that the sounds are amazing when do right. My Favourite Games were Super Mario Bros. 1, 2 & 3, Mega Man 1-4 and many other games that came out like Super C and Contra, The Legend of Zelda 1 & 2 and Metal Gear 1, 2 and Snake Revenge, which are has the same sounds as far as waveforms go, a lot of Pulse Width Modulation and Arpeggiated Sequences, ect.

Have a Look at the Specs for this Plug-Ins:
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  • In addition to the basic ripple mark “square wave” of electronic sound, it is the 8bit machine peculiar timbre, “false triangular wave” “low bit noise” support (the chart below)
  • The envelope setting with ADSR
  • To correspond to pitch bend, the bend range modification possibility
  • It supports also the basic ripple mark “pulse wave” which lines up with the square wave
  • Frequency [suuipu] which is convenient to the effective sound making such as “[piyu]” “[poyon]” (automatic musical interval change) functional loading
Ripple mark  Feature 
square: Square wave Voltage just high & low it can make, it is the simplest ripple mark.
You can call the basis of electronic sound.
25%pulse/12.5%pulse: Pulse wave It has been similar to the square wave, but it is the ripple mark whose time width of voltage unevenness is not equal.
Width ratio 1: Those of 3 (25%pulse) with 1: Those of 7 (12.5%pulse) there are 2 types.
You can call the basis of these thing electronic sounds.
triangle: False triangular wave The triangular wave it is the ripple mark which it reappears falsely inside the limit of throughput of the 8bit machine.
It is suitable for the base and the like. The noise, B B the ripple mark due to notched with feature, the 8bit [tsu] [po] in production it is the timbre which cannot be missed.
noise: Noise (low bit noise) Random it is the ripple mark. It becomes the timbre which is rougher than the white noise which this normal [shinse] and the like removes from the limit of throughput of the 8bit machine.
Main specification
Corrugated selection 5 types (square wave /25% pulse /12.5% pulse/false triangular wave/low bit noise)
Envelope setting ADSR (Attack, Decay and Sustain Level, Release)
Control correspondence Velocity (0 - 127)/pitch bend (±1 - ±12)
Frequency [suuipu] setting
Negative/Positive change/[suuipu] time setting
The number of simultaneous pronunciations 32 sounds (maximum)

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