Thursday, December 30, 2010

Synapse DUNE winners announced!!

Well it's another post at Synthetic Illusion and a new year soon...the winners of last weeks contest have been announced for the Synapse Audio DUNE patch contest, the names of the winners are below, I must say though I sent in 45 presets and didn't win, so it must have been a tough decision because the support team liked my presets, without further ado, you can now go get the new presets I made for DUNE at Waveformless at blogspot dot com, all 45 presets are there in Cubase Format, soon next year I'll repost the presets I made and posted before with newer presets and patches for other synths that I have released before, also with samples.

Here is what Synapse Audio had to say about the winners:

Big thanks to all who entered our Dune patch contest! The jurors have casted their votes, the winners/prices are as follows:

  • 1x Dune for Ed Ten Eyck
  • 1x Hydra for Roman Prokofev
  • 1x EKS-9 for McNoone
  • 6x Dune Soundset for Julian Ray, Yuriy M, Teksonik, Andy B, Major Babes, Frank Hoekzema
  • 2x CD/Album Spacesynth Revolutions for Sebastian S. and Throe
  • 2x CD/Album Electron for Kriminal and Robert Halvarsson
  • 2x CD/Album Galaxion (TBR) for Christian Rucks and LeVzi
  • 2x CD/Album Everdune (TBR) for DaZoid and Joe Farrish

  • We'll notify all winners via email. Please allow some time for delivery.

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