Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Deals and Contest at Synapse Audio

Here today we have some deals over at Synapse Audio.
All four softsynth plug-ins can be bought together for
only $199.99 compare to $283.99 through out December
in the Holidays for Christmas until December 31st.

Included plug-ins are Synapse Audio's DUNE, EKS9 and
X-Poly and Hydra plug-ins for both 32 and 64 bit Windows
computers and AudioUnits for MAC.

For the other half of the news Synapse Audio is having a patch
creation contest where you can upload your best DUNE presets
for a chance to win a prize of the price of one of their softsynth
plug-ins or cash for those who have all their products.

Prizes are the price of one of these:

  • 1x Dune VST/AU
  • 1x Hydra VST/AU
  • 1x EKS-9 VST/AU
  • 1x CD/Album Spacesynth Revolutions
  • 1x CD/Album Electron
  • 1x CD/Album Galaxion (TBR)
  • 1x CD/Album Everdune (TBR)

  • It doesn't say anything about how many patches but my guess is
    anywhere between 50 to 256 patch presets for their new synth
    called DUNE, Differential Unison Engine which is their new
    flagship softsynth plug-in for PC and MAC.

    The contest has already started today (1-DEC-2010) and ends in
    three weeks (21-DEC-2010). Users who participate and win a
    product they already own may either pick an alternate price or
    get a voucher of that value.

    Bonus points for:

  • Spacesynth/80s type sounds
  • Patches that support modulation wheel and aftertouch
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