Thursday, November 4, 2010

XLN Audio Addictive Drums

3 Drum Kits

Sonor Designer / DW Collectors / Tama Starclassic

Insert & Send Effects

Compressor / EQ / Distortion / Tape Saturation / Filter / Limiter / Reverb

100+ Presets

Clean / Distorted / Electronica / LoFi / PopRock / Rock / Soft / Vintage / Xperimental

3000+ MIDI Files

4/4 Straight & Swing / 3/4 Straight & Swing / 6/8 Straight & Swing / Bundles (Blues, Jazz, Funk, etc) / Songs (Rock, Disco, Reggae, etc)

The Addictive Drums 1.5 Adrenaline update is here! Bringing you a number of new features such as:

  • Full E-Drum Support
  • General MIDI Support
  • Beat Transformer
  • 30+ New Presets
  • 300+ New MIDI Files
  • And much more!
Addictive Drums is a Complete Drum Production Studio! It has everything you need to make a professional drumtrack production. It's flexible, yet very quick to learn and use.

Addictive Drums consists of four main pages, the Kit Page, where you can view all of the kit pieces, the Edit Page with all the insert effects, the FX Page with reverbs and the Beats Page wich contains the 3500+ MIDI file library.

Main Features

Production Presets

With one click, you can load up a complete drum production! The settings for the Kit, the Insert Effects and the 2 built in Reverbs are recalled in a split second.?Save your own presets, and organize them in folders for quick access in any project. They appear automatically in the preset menu. Addictive Drums gives you over 100 presets in diverse production styles such as Rock, Electronic, Distorted, PopRock and more. Read More

Full E-Drums Support

Take E-Drumming to a new level with Addictive Drums 1.5 Adrenaline. All of the major E-Drum models on the market are fully supported and setting up has never been easier. E-Drums connected to Addictive Drums provides the most realistic E-drums drumsound on the market with the fastest workflow and most powerful mixing possibilities. With ddictive Drums you will be jamming and recording drums for your music in no time. Read More

Drums and Cymbals

Addictive Drums comes with a vast library of drum and cymbal samples recorded and in a professional studio with great care. A total of three kits and lots of cymbals from the top brands in the world are included. Read More

Total control over drumkits and kitpieces

Everthing in Addictive Drums can be tweaked and customized. Load up an entire drum kit or build your own. Use the kitpiece list to view, autition and switch the kit pieces in the drum kit or just use the arrows next to the kitpice on the Edit Page. Check out our Getting Started guide to learn more.

"Addictive Drums is the best sounding, most versatile, most efficient, and most user-friendly virtual-drum plugin on the market...and it's the ONLY one I'll use."

/Wolf (Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, Pink, Celine Dion, Chaka Khan, Leona Lewis, Sugababes and many more)

Beats and Grooves

Addictive Drums comes with over 3500 MIDI Beats and Grooves that trigger the drum samples inside the software. You can use any beat with any kit pieces or presets. Lots of different styles, tempos and feels are represented. Read More

Inserts and Effects

The inserts and effects are used to shape the drum sound you are working with. Addictive Drums comes with a number of inserts and effects like EQ, Compressor and Dristortion that can make your drum sound go from natural acoustic pop to distorted electronic house in just a few seconds. Read More

User Friendliness

Addictive Drums is very easy to learn and use, and it works for just about anybody. The User Interface is straight-forward and gives you lots of flexibility. Just try the demo, and we are pretty sure you will agree.


Addictive Drums is compatible with both PC and Mac. Formats: VST, AU and RTAS. See a complete list of officially supported hosts here!

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