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XLN Audio Addictive Drums ADPAK 80's Drums

Simmons SDS-V

The e-drum kit that started it all. Our massive setup of analog modules were sampled with painstaking detail. Backed up by a Simmons Digital ClapTrap. The original SDS-V came with five modules and two expansion slots for up to seven modules. Our kit uses close to 40 modules to create all the varied stroke types.

Simmons drums have been used by artists like Duran Duran, Rush, Nine Inch Nails, Van Halen, Spandau Ballet, Tool, Prince, Depeche Mode, Queen and Genesis.

"I really love the authentic analog feel of these 80's drum machines. I'm thrilled they recorded these off tape and having the ability to dial in the tape saturation is a huge bonus."
Tom Salta

Linn Electronics LinnDrum

LinnDrum is the successor to the first sampled based drum machine, the LM-1. Featuring all fifteen original sounds with a large number of new custom tweaked stroke types. The Linndrum was the cutting edge of technology at the time of its release. Featuring 35 kilohertz samples, individual outputs and trigger inputs.

The LinnDrum can be heard on albums from artists like Peter Gabriel, Sting, Prince, Madonna, Human League and Thompson Twins.

+3 Additional Kits

Reel Machines also comes with three full additional kits. The 808, 909 and DMX with samples inspired by classic rhythm machines from the eightes.

The 808 has a deep analog kick with a snappy snare, great for a wide range of electronic styles. The 909 is a hybrid analog and sampled machine with a punchy kick and snare, making it the excellent partner for dance music. Last but not least the DMX with short and dry samples is the perfect kit for old school hiphop and rap.

"Reel Machines is just what it says. I grew up with the real machines so when I heard this I was like "Wow" I can do some real Drum-&-Bass, 80's style pop and old school Hip Hop. Reel Machines puts you in the game."
Cori "Masterfader" Jacobs


Reel Machines includes 60 unique kitpieces plus an additional five sets of kick and snare combos for use in the Xtras slot. The kitpieces have the same amount of stroke types as the acoustic drums in Addictive Drums. Making Reel Machines one of the the most expressive and varied collection of electronic sounds you've heard.

Click to show all kitpieces

Adjustable Tape Saturation

The kick and snare samples in Reel Machines were recorded on a two channel half inch Ampex tape machine with heavy saturation. By using the kick and snare microphone settings you can mix between the clean and the saturated signal.

Kick drums:
Beater is the clean signal while front is heavily saturated on all drum machines. The Simmons SDS-V uses virtual mic positioning instead.

Snare drums:
Top is the clean signal while bottom is heavily saturated on the LinnDrum and DMX. The Simmons SDS-V, 808 and 909 uses virtual mic positioning instead.

"Since I started to collect Simmons drums and synthesizers I had visions of preserving the classic analog drum sound in a sample library. With the release of Reel Machines this vision was even outreached. The guys from XLN did a great job and I feel deeply honored that they chose my gear for its realization."
Wolfgang Stölzle - Simmons Museum

Kick/Snare Xtras

All kits in Reel Machines have an additional Xtras kitpiece with a kick and snare combo. This can be used for extra variation or to layer sounds and get precisely the snare or kick you're after. Check the keymap in Addictive Drums for the Xtra A and Xtra B stroke types.

Presets & Beats

Reel Machines comes with 50 presets and 240 MIDI Grooves. All presets have matching beats with rhythms made specifically for a certain set of sounds. But the presets are also compatible with grooves from other ADpaks and vice versa. Use a distorted drum & bass preset with a slow hip hop groove, or try a motown kit with a techno beat.


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