Monday, November 1, 2010

Remember the 1980's

I'm sort of depressed that things didn't turn out the way I wanted them to
Things are sort of crazy around here and I was hoping for the Girl/Princess
but that's another story, I always thought I'd make something of myself by
now but I'm nothing but a sound designer not a musician and no longer a
writer like before 2005 when the accident happened....anyways I have some
experience making music since 1985 and have to say things will get better.

Right now I'm gonna talk about Nostalgic things like remember the 1980's??
I love analog vintage synths but when I like them they were not vintage
because they were brand new back then and I've always wanted a guitar
along with synths and drums because bass guitar never excited me as much,
Remember Cassette Culture?? I wish it never died out like it did but now
we have CDr's and could start a new revolution of Disk Culture or something.

I remember the 1980's and my favourite bands were electronic bands and
bands that were rock bands with synth sounds or just rock/hard rock but
my personal music was different then that and screams of a nostalgic time.

I always tried my best at what I've done and will try harder and harder
to do what it is that I originally wanted and then I'll be happy.

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