Thursday, November 4, 2010

New news on Gforce media software

Here is a pic of the GForce/GMedia blog that I have
posted before...what could it be, a new softsynth???
I know I was impressed by the oddity but was bummed
by other things...I hope this is good a new picture of what
could be a new softsynth or a new vsti plugin?? and only
time will tell what this is and we could only hope for the
best and wait to see the results...I'm hoping for a miracle!!
I love the synths I love and I love the softsynths I love and
I'm waiting for a miracle and a prayer can only help me thru
a day of waiting and wanting for all I want is my favourite
synths and drum machines emulated in software VST plugins.

I love a lot of companies and will post individual posts of what
is what and what does what and what cost what in currencies.
I love to help out and that is why I have free samples for you
and free presets because I don't believe in pay per sample and
since working on the first version of Debian Linux I feel that the
Open Source thing is a good Idea and I feel the same should be
for user samples and presets for softsynths free or commercial!!
I don't Like to be an assh**e but free samples and presets are
usually done badly and I hate free synths but there are some
good softsynths, presets and samples out there it's just a matter
of looking in the right places and having storage for samples and
new presets which I'm running low on which is why there are no
new presets or samples until I figure out the space issue and deal
with it and then we can all have new samples and presets but
until then no new stuff will be uploaded personally from me.

I have a bunch of samples for you to use in your music in the next few
posts for use in any type of music with over a gigabyte of samples,
I sampled them five years ago and have kept them this long without
using them so I thought I should give them out now before later on.

I have been sampling for awhile and have been curious about samples
and how to sample synthesizer sounds straight from the synthesizers
synth modules and straight from the drum machines and drum modules
I will keep you posted on other stuff and here I'll state some ways of
sampling synths and drums:

1.Get a guitar amplifier or a keyboard or a bass amp and have a mixer board
pluged into the mixer to the amplifier and have the synths or drums plugged
into the mixer and have the output of the speaker recorded with a microphone
into another mixer with the mixer of the second mixer plugged into a computer
and have a program like cubase or adobe audition record the output or you can
have a tape recorder or field recorder record everything your sampling and then
play it back into the computer and record or you can:

2.Record the synths and drum machines by plugging them into a mixing board
and having the mixer do EQing before going from the output of the synths to
the input of the computer's microphone and then to the computer program.

3.record the synth by plugging the synth straight into an amplifier and then
record the sound of the amp with a microphone to a mixer to a computer abd
this is what I do for recording synths...especially synths with no midi or cv/gate
is to record the audio output and to record each note per note from the bottom
to the top of the keyboard so that you can put the sampled notes in a sampler.

I have a reason for getting old synthesizers but they're hard to come by now.

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