Thursday, November 4, 2010

Music and Future

Everything that has been made in the last hundred and ten years has
been influenced by each other in some way and that is a good thing
and even if a melody is used in a song that came from somewhere else
that is just how the music biz rolls, and that being said, let me say this:
Everything that sounds like each other is either influenced by the one
that came before it or two, it was completely made without ever knowing
the original song that the song riff or melody came from and this is the
case with many bands and many lawsuits and copyright infringement??
I don't like to point fingers and I'm simply trying to say that people are
always gonna use what they think is right for the song or what comes
from the heart even if they never heard the original melody or song or
sometimes there are cases of deliberate rip-offs and such cases may be
in the case of sampling music that has already been recorded before,
I know one thing if people keep sueing everybody then there will be
no more music and the whole four decades would have been for nothing
and everything will be totally different from each other and there would
be no genres what so ever!!!, enough said from me!!!

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