Thursday, November 4, 2010

more presets to come later

I found some things out on my journey to the plateau of musical greatness,
every synth and drum machine is different and every song uses different
synths and different drums if not different presets for the synths and drums.
things could not look better for electronic music in the 1980's and I was a boy
and I was fascinated by it all the music and everything that had to do with music
and was turned on by Classical and Baroque music not traditional rock music
but that's only because I was introduced to that as a kid so my influences go
far beyond just hearing what was new in the 1990's and 2000's I had a very
deep background into ambient and classical music before rock and metal ever
inspired me to do anything or to pick up an instrument and I always had a big
fascination with synths and all they can do or cannot do, I love how thing were
different back when I was a kid and how everthing was cool back in the late 1980's
and everything was looking bright but now it's ridiculous and I don't know about
any future of mine but I do know that if we put our heads together that the music
and synths, equipment, ect. will never die if we are make careful consideration in
emulating analog circuits and getting the sound we wanting out of softsynths and
that the genres and types of music will never die out if we make careful steps in
what it is to save the genres from dying out and move towards saving them!!!

I hope that I'll move on and make music myself instead of getting other people to
do what I should have been doing from the start in 1985 when I started to this!!!
I have a lot of soul searching to do before I put 100% into a project before that
I have to re-evaluate what I want in life and what to do next.

More presets will be uploaded but nothing will be uploaded until much later when
I have a library full again like in 2005 when I initially gave away presets under
a different blog with different presets.

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