Friday, October 22, 2010

Vintage Synth Explorer

I'll start posting other stuff when I'm not posting links to my samples
and my presets, so I'll be posting text, video, downloads, websites, ect.
Places to download more samples and presets and places to buy more
softsynths and places to read interviews or watch videos or just news.
I'm gonna post some from links for books or programs and softsynths
to real instruments like synthesizers and guitars, ect. plus links to my
favourite bands music and interviews and stuff like that, here is a link
to a website I've liked for some time the Vintage Synth Explorer:

Vintage Synth Explorer:

Here at the Vintage Synth Explorer you'll get specs for the synths on site
plus midi sysex patch banks for the factory presets and that's good if you
have a synth in which in order to save presets you have to save over
existing presets like many synths are like my Korg MS-2000 which is the
same as the MicroKorg with it's presets, you can then download the sysex
file and hook up your synth with a midi connection and the load the sysex
MIDI file into your AudioEdition/VST Host (e.g. Cubase, Nuendo, ect.) and
then playback your midi file until it's finished and you can start from scratch
(These aren't exact instructions), I like the Synth Explorer because it has
all the specifications there for me to see what kind of synth I'm looking up.


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