Thursday, October 21, 2010

Softsynths and Presets disabled Pt.1

Here are some links to some good programs to use
all links are at the bottom of this post, you can buy
a softsynth or you could download the demo version
and you could make presets and save them without
ever saving a Cubase Preset which is the FPX format
or a Cubase Preset Bank which is the FBX format,
here what you do to remember all presets settings
without saving a preset when the setting is disabled
in trial or demo version of the software synths, ect.
What you do is get a Notebook or Lined Sheet Paper
and you write down each settings of what the knobs
and sliders you're messing around with are doing and
write down what function it is and what amount in %
percentages in a scale of 0-100 % or 0-50 % where
you write down what the function is and it's percent.
later you should be able to close the program and then
start it up again and take your settings and then input
them and your sound should be the same provided that
you wrote down all the settings that the preset had done.
You can now remember all your presets for when you
buy the full version of synths with save settings disabled.
Below are some good softsynths to use for music:

Steinberg Cubase

Propellerhead Reason 5:

Image-Line FL Studio 9:

Sonic Projects OP-X Pro:

FXPansion DCAM Synth Squad:

G-Sonique XXL Bundle:

XLN Audio Addictive Drums:

Lennar Digital Sylenth1:


U-HE Zebra2:

Waldorf Edition:

Waldorf Largo:

Guitar Pro 6:

Superwave P8:

Superwave TinyPops:

Superwave D-909:

Superwave D-808:

Superwave Trance Pro:

Superwave Professional:

Superwave Performer:

Superwave P-80:

Superwave Tarkus:

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