Thursday, October 14, 2010

Factory Presets and Presets

One of the things I've learn making music and songs while
programming synths/softsynths to create my own sounds
is that you could start with a single oscillator waveform and
you could make sounds from there but also you should take
a look at factory presets and you can see how each preset is
programmed and what are the settings that made the sound
and from there you can begin to modify the factory preset to
make something that sounds completely original and your own
and once you've made some presets of your own, you should
then save them and then modify those saved presets to come
up with completely new sounds as well as varients of your
presets as well as use the factory sounds to do the same with
varients to create similar but different presets but when starting
from scratch which is usually a one oscillator or two oscillator
sound that your starting with you could then change waveforms,
change your cutoff and resonance filters as wells as your EG1 filter
and EG2 Amp which are two ADSR: filter and amp to control
how a sound will sound, how long a note or filter will sound for
(Deacy and Release) or how long before a note sounds by fading in
(Attack), how long a note will be held for when holding keys or a
key down for (Sustain)....Changing the sound to get the preset
you desire can be done in many ways and there are different
approaches to achieve a particular sound like using a different
synthesizer than the one you are using or using effects sometimes
will achieve the sound you want, the possibilities are endless when
it comes to sound design, mind you it does depend on that synth
you use for what you want for example if you're using a new synth
from today like an Access Virus or a Novation X-Station and you
want to get a particular bass that was made with a Jupiter-8,
you are better off using the Jupiter-8 or a VST Emulation to get it
because every synthesizer is different in many ways even the ones
that are top of the line of the series like the CS-80, you can still get
a similar sound but you could do different sounds with the later
CS-10 and CS-5 which aren't as top of the line but are both unique
in their own way, which in the same way that the CS-80V is unique
and can do more than the original synth because almost everything
is unique if even subtle differences and subtleties but for the most
part you could do a lot of stuff with different synth in which the lead
or bass will sound just like the other synth leads or basses made with
other synths but for doing music that sounds from a different era like
the 1980's or 1990's on a synth made in the 2000's like the Virus B
can't replicate the older sounds from the earlier synthesiszer even
though they both have knobs and sliders it's because as time goes on
and on companies try to do something different and innovative for
their new products which usually can or may not be a good thing for you
it depends on what you want to do and what sounds you want to make
although there are a lot of good emulations for VST, AU, TDM, ect. where
you can make those older sounds and this is what I'd recommend if you
want to save a thousand of your custom made presets because of the fact
that a lot of the older synths before 1983 when Midi was invented, don't
have a midi connection and some have no CV/Gate connection either plus
the fact that a lot of the synths had no user memory or you'd save over
factory preset which is what I recommend you not do, due to the fact that
once you've save the preset you can't get the original sound back without
re-programming it with the factory SysEx file which now days you can get
off the internet at some places but for the most part it's better to use
VSTi softsynths for that reason and the other fact that a lot of older and new
synthesizers are big and space consuming, so either get a VST or the real
thing but I'd recommend the VST emulation.

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