Thursday, October 21, 2010

Analog Recording

Here today we'll talk about recording with analog equipment
When recording with analog equipment such as a Tape
Recorder and a Drum Machine and synth, you want to use
a Four Track Tape Recorder with your Equipment plus
your tape recorder, What you do is Record the First track
with bass or drums usually and then layer that track with
another track on track 2 and do the same for track 3 and
now after you have 3 tracks usually a bass melody, drums
and another synth melody for lead, now you wanna take those
recorded tracks and bounce that over to the Tape Recorder
using the output of the 4-track to the input of the Recorder
and play that back as you record it to the Cassette Recorder.
Now once you've done that you want to take the output of the
tape recorder and play it back into the input of the 4-track
which will give you 3-4 extra tracks, for more melody plus
a track free for vocals but know this, each time you bounce
a track from a Four Track to a Cassette, you lose audio
quality but that okay for doing it just the once. You can do
this as many times as you want but you'll lose quality each
time you do plus there will be more tape fuzziness to it also.

To record a song I like to start with a bass line and then drums
and then everything comes in with lead line synths and all,
I don't recommend you listen to any one person but to everyone
to see how they do their songs you've see the many ways of
starting you're songs, some people including me usually have
some melody that they hear in their head and it's only a matter
of getting that melody down for later or sometime it's you've
just finish playing something on guitar or keyboard and say
that would sound nice in a song and ev erything builds up from
there, the possiblities are endless with writing, You could also
use your computer to do the tape transfer from 4-track to the
computer and back, I never work with tape before now except
when playing guitar but only with a cassette recorder not a
4-track like I use now.

If you want to record with Analog equipment then I suggest
you look for 4-Track Recorders because they're really solid
for just writing a song without computers seeing how with
most drum machine you could sync your synth and drums
together to stay in time so if you have a mixing board you
can then feed your synth and drums into the mixer and then
feed the output to the input of the 4-Track and record both
the main bassline and the drums on one single track.

Now days you have computers to do this but I like it this way.

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