Thursday, July 14, 2016

Joy Division Tribute Album July 2016

This year has marked a significant change in my musical career, after 33 years of ebm
I decided that I don't want to just do only ebm for the rest of my living life and always
been a fun thing to do but I like other genres too, I decided to use my legal name for
music as well for somethings and have more electro and ebm thing still Joel Bisson
but for you to understand this, since 1996 I used the name Joel Bisson on everything
now I decided to use my name Dreaver for releases in music and printed credits on cds
ect. I released my first album as Joel Dreaver in January/February 2016. November Sky.
Anyhow I just today on the 14th of July 2016 because I am in New York Timezone am
still in the 14th not the 15th which is Ian Curtis's birthday and I wrote a song for someone
in January which started November Sky on the 11th of January 2016, my friend said it has
a hint of Joy Division, I didn't think much of it, until I met someone who offered me a spot
on a Tribute to Ian Curtis album which is now released in France on July 15th 2016, now
remember I am still on the 14th July 2016 but I remember what my friend said in January
about the song sounding similar to JD so I submitted this song called Star-Crossed and he
said it's the most Joy Division Sounding song, I re-recorded the vocals 10 times today to
deliver on time, what was missing in the first 9 takes was anxious rage.

Here's a refresher of the JD Documentary on Youtube:

Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday, November 3, 2014

TX81Z Preset Sampled

I resampled my bass preset from my tx81z and i converted it
to many formats. here is the download links:

I will be making many free Maize Plugins with help
from Layzer from KVR, he will be making a GUI
for my new VSTi softsynth I will be coding in 2015
it's not an emulation but an inspired emu of Roland
synths such as JX-3P, JX-8P, Juno-6, Juno-60/106
JX-10, SH-101, MC-202, ect. which is to say
many features will be added that are not in the
original synths. I've created a wordpress for
synthetic illusion, the soundware I'll be selling
will be located their at wordpress.

I will be buying synthedit and synthmaker now
called flowstone for VST/VSTi plugins and
Mac OSX AU/VST plugins which will be added
to both programs in 2015, so I will wait until
then to buy flowstone but now I will recreated
synths I made along time ago in 2004/2005 when
I was still in high like Adventus the sounds were
very good and useable for Trance Anthems.

I have in these split archives NN-XT, SF2, SFZ,
Korg M3 Script, Kontakt 3, Reaktor, CasioFZ1,
Akai Z4/Z8, Akai S5000/S6000, ect.

I have many of great things coming to here at
synthetic illusion, I want to thank readers for
keep reading this blog.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Yamaha Musical Product History

Today I will talk a bit about Yamaha synths, samplers and drum modules, I first became aware of Yamaha through 80's music with the DX7 on every song but I knew of other synths and today I want to talk about my gear and other people's gear, I have a Yamaha TX81Z, Yamaha TX7, Yamaha FB-01, Yamaha RX5,  Yamaha RX21,  Akai S1000PB, Peavey SP and Peavey SX, Roland JV1080, Roland S-550, Roland S-330, E-MU Proteus/1, Yamaha PSS-480, now to start off by saying I listen to a lot of different music and some music falls into the industrial music vein, so the PSS-480 has the same sounds as a PSS-680, ect. some of the small keyboard had the same functions and now I see how effects are important with these fm synths pss models, I know Stin Scatzor and Lescure-13 used a PSS-680, I want to get as many synths as I can fit into my house, if I got a PSS-Portasound keyboard with a 4-track audio cassette recorder i could've released music in the early 90's but I didn't have that fortune, so now I will make a 10 track album on k 7.

Here is the page with all the product history for music instruments:

Sunday, September 21, 2014

TX81Z Bass for Free Download

Here today this sunny sunday, I give you my yamaha tx81z preset that i sampled and made into an sfz file which i converted to many different formats for simplicity and usefulness, you can download here on my blogspot or at my new wordpress syntheticillusion blog or on audiobombs, a rather newer website with the purpose of giving away free samples and presets as well as templates and refills for reason and you can make an account for free or just download without an account. I will make some updates to old downloads so if you notice old links aren't working it's because of spring cleaning of my mediafire account, I downloaded all links and then deleted them all...So I may organize them when I reupload them to mediafire. I will give you this TX81Z Bass which I called JB1stBass_-_01.sfz so if your wondering why it's because it's the first preset I ever made with an FM Synth and with the TX81Z. I have a TX81Z, a TX7 and a FB-01 which I will make banks for and sell them but the samples thereof derived or sampled from will be free because I believe in the spirit of sharing, which most people don't, most of the people I ask to share with me say that they don't share sounds or samples with people. Anyways this preset has two Operators with TX waveforms, instead of sine waves like most fm synths this has two Saw waves, of the four operators two are sine. I made this patch by trying to figure out how the TX works and it ended up sounding like PWL's Rick Astley's Song I'm giving up on Love's bassline. I love disco/italodisco/eurodisco and hi-nrg tracks that Stock, Aitiken and Waterman did in the 1980's and early 90's. I wanted to give the syx away but i don't have a proper syx editor. FM7/FM8 don't wanna import the syx i ripped from my TX81Z which I have two. I like how easy it is to make something decent with old FM synths but menu's are the worst with buttons that stick, which they do on the FB-01 so I by accident overwrote the second bank with the third so 2 banks are the same because the buttons where sticking and i didn't have a manual since I got it for 100 dollars at the music store across the street.

The Yamaha TX81Z is a 4-Operator FM Synth with many great sounds such as Lately Bass and Epianos and Brass which are pure FM sounds, I like how house music of the early nineteen nineties used FM Synths and Workstations and Racks to make music. I like Snap and today I Real McCoy's album Another Night along with Rick Astley's Hold Me In Your Arms from 1988. I like 1980's Music rather then any other decade, wither it be house, funk, italodisco, freestyle, pop, synthpop, ebm, industrial, noise, rock, metal, punk, the eighties were a special time for music and everything now sounds so great in today's setting, looking back at my early days as a kid in the 80's it was music all day and maybe not everything was cool but they had a lot of good music playing on the radio, club music, in the early days i use to listen to this station that did DJ set's where everything was like at the club where songs where cut and mixed together in a continuous manner like a never ending mix where there'd be as little commercials as possible. funk back then was cool, soul and R'n'B music which played on the radio as well, it was a time where music seemed to be the only entertainment that wasn't bland like TV, Movies and other media, Music Video's are the worst marketing tool ever.

Check out my Wordpress here,
Get it from Audiobombs here,
Here is the Mediafire Link to the Download.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Free Sonigen Modular Presets

Here are 92 Presets for Sonigen Modular and a couple of Wavetables for Sonigen Modular. All presets will be updated with new capabilities such as modwheel and cutoff LFO type things, pitchwheel and Velocities all redone for later use, but for now here's 92 starting point sounds which I made since 2011, when I found Sonigen Modular by accident. It was the happiest day of my life for AS-Far-AS-Modular-VST's-go. I found it great pleasure that the cables are movable and can be changed colours.
Anyway there are 92 of the sounds and some use the wavetables I made and other which are kvr users wavetables. Download here, or DOWNLOAD HERE.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

37 Megs of Drumsynth 2.0 Files for Free

Here's Thirty Seven Megabytes of Drumsynth 2.0 by MDA (Maxima) .DS files that I created to make industrial music, they are mostly kicks, I'll upload them to here and share with people this page and or link to start using them in FL Studio which accepts DS files and I think Ableton does as well, I will make a demo soon. For now go get them HERE.

These files were created by me, Joel Bisson of Synthetic Illusion and are here for free.